Dr. Liz Matheis, Board Member, Educational/Medical Consultant

Dr. Liz Matheis is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and certified School Psychologist who specializes in assisting children and their families with autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and learning/behavioral disorders. Her private practice, with 5 other therapists, specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, art and play therapy, marriage and family therapy, grieving, trauma, in-home executive functioning coaching and use of the sand-tray therapeutic technique. Dr. Liz also serves as an Educational Consultant to parents who are seeking to optimize their child’s Individualized Education Program and need support and advocacy to maximize their child’s special education program and related services. She was trained at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison and Teaneck, NJ where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Liz also contributes to a number of popular-press magazines, radio and blogs, where she is able to provide real-world, pragmatic solutions to complex problems.

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