Our Mission

Pedal for the Puzzle’s mission is to improve the lives of children, adults, and families living with autism and other developmental disabilities through fundraising and community events focused around cycling, fitness, health, and fun. Our aim is to make the Pedal for the Puzzle annual ride an inclusive, must-do activity for those in our community and beyond.

Our Approach

We believe that education and experience are the primary building blocks leading to inclusion, understanding, and tolerance of those with developmental disabilities.

Each Pedal for the Puzzle event is designed 1) to increase awareness of the realities of autism and developmental disabilities and 2) to better the lives of those facing these challenges through our fundraising efforts and carefully targeted donations.

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Every donation to Pedal for the Puzzle goes toward the education and support of a family or a school striving each day to support and build skills for those with autism.


Recent donations:

In March 2019, Pedal for the Puzzle donated a computer cart and 24 Chromebooks to McKinley School in Newark, NJ so their special needs and autistic students ages can use specific computer programs aimed at improving their skills in everyday . The portable cart allows them to easily charge the laptops make their lessons portable to other areas of the school, when necessary.


As of 2018, Pedal for the Puzzle donated more than $40,000 to Somerset Hills Learning Institute in Somerset, NJ, which educates children and adults with autism in life and vocational skills.

Pedal for the Puzzle is proud to support the Autism New Jersey.

In September 2018, Pedal for Puzzle provided computers for Stonybrook School in North Plainfield, NJ.

“Your donation of the 15 Chromebooks has helped tremendously in the classroom. My second, third and fourth grade students are currently using the devices for research projects. They are creating powerpoints and turn-keying the information to their peers.  The students also use the Chromebooks to participate in many of our district’s online supplemental learning programs.”

“The Chromebooks especially came in handy for one of our student’s who has cerebral palsy. He has difficulty writing and the keyboards on the laptops that are currently in district are too small. These Chromebook keyboards are perfect for his individual needs.”

 –Leanne Borbely